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Why Does Google Have So Many Messaging Apps?

With the release of Duo and Allo, Google users will be faced with a choice of which messaging app they should use. While these two products have similar features, the company has had trouble carrying their user bases forward. So, why is Google releasing multiple messaging apps? This article will explore the differences between them and how each one can benefit users. Read on to learn about the best messaging app for different situations.

The first major messaging app was Google Talk, which was also known colloquially as Google Chat. This app allowed users to chat with anyone with whom they shared a common interest. The app also didn’t require installation of any additional software. There were also Android, BlackBerry, and Windows versions. Google Talk started out as a very simple app, but eventually became a full-fledged messaging app.

Apple’s iMessage messaging app is a standalone messaging application, but the platform has evolved to include more features. It has even been added to Macs and has Apple Pay functionality. Apple has a central messaging app called iMessage, but Google has dozens of different messaging apps. And that’s just the beginning! With all these options, your mobile experience will be more personalized than it is on the iOS and Android platforms.

Google has tried to make one messaging app that does it all. The Hangouts messaging app was the first to offer SMS support, but this wasn’t enough. In the meantime, Google started looking at other messaging options. After Hangouts failed to catch on, Google Messenger became the default SMS app on Android. In 2017, Google Allo launched to take over the messaging space. Its popularity is now far surpassing its competitors.

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