What Clothes Do Men Like on Women?

There is no secret that men like certain types of clothes on women. A study by the Express Tribune surveyed a dozen men aged 22-55 and found that most men have a lifelong preference for a certain type of dress on women. The clothing should be fitted and accentuate a woman’s assets and shape. The results were surprising. Women should embrace their shape and size to attract men. If you’d like to learn more, read on.

Shirts with high waists are a surefire way to attract a man. Men love women with high waists, especially ones that are cinched around the bum. A crop top will make heads turn and show off your killer legs. However, be aware that some men may prefer to see their women in some form of clothing, so try to balance comfort and sexiness. Despite what most women think, many men find the illusion of bare skin enticing.

Men don’t like green. They are not particularly attracted to green clothes, which is why green isn’t a good color for a man to wear. However, if you’re looking for a guy who likes a lot of blue clothing, consider a neutral-colored cashmere sweater. It’ll look sexy and sophisticated even when worn with black pants. It will also make a woman look more modern.

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