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How to Find New Customers for Your Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve built a website, integrated a great design, and registered your business on all social media accounts. In your head, you had a perfect strategy for establishing your digital marketing agency and growing it to its full potential. But something might be missing. 

Is it sales? Lack of employee performance? Or maybe it’s just your marketing approach to how you promote your digital agency. Whatever it is, you should work on looking for new customers through various methods. How can you find new people and businesses interested in your digital marketing services in this competitive era? 

Three tips to find new digital marketing agency customers

The market you’re entering is already full of other agencies working to improve the digital marketing performance of their clients. So, here’s what you can do to find customers and improve your relationship with them. 

1. Consider the human factor

Most entrepreneurs think that if they work on their online presence and boost lead generation and online activities, they can achieve success. Being present and active online is essential for businesses in all industries. However, it’s not enough; sometimes, it can’t drastically change things. As you’re in the B2B industry, you’ll need to establish strong relationships with other business owners so that they can trust you and your services. 

In this case, you shouldn’t forget that you’re dealing with other human beings. So, get off behind the desk, go out to different events, and network with potential customers in real life. This will ensure a stronger base of customer relationships. Your objective would be to get out there and represent your digital marketing agency as a reliable one. This way, other business owners will feel like you’re human and ready to build successful business partnerships. 

2. Create and share a portfolio

When creating a website for your marketing agency, don’t forget to add a dedicated spot for the previous projects completed. In addition, you can also share past achievements and the results you’ve delivered for your customers. This way, when new visitor enters your website, they will see the work you’ve completed and contact you for your experience. 

Customer feedback and testimonials have become one of the most preferred marketing methods, so why skip this great opportunity? You should also share your expertise in certain industries and attract new customers to your portfolio. 

3. Educate your audience 

As a business that provides services, you may already have built a website, created social media accounts, and have a blog. The last crucial piece is to share your knowledge on topics your audience is interested in. First, this will make you appear knowledgeable and experienced in digital marketing. Next, it will help engage your audience and make them more interested in your business. 

You can begin with educational blog articles, email newsletters, and small social media posts about industry-related topics. Then, you can make videos and even get into podcast marketing. 


Social media marketing and digital marketing agencies are becoming more and more important in the lives of business owners and companies. In turn, it may be hard for marketing agencies to find customers. With the tips mentioned above, you can start the process and take it to the next level over time. 

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