How to Find Fashion Distributors of African Clothing

If you are interested in starting a successful clothing business in Africa, then you must find a reliable wholesale distributor. B2B marketplaces have made the task of finding a reputable distributor much easier. You can try an online marketplace, FashionTIY, where you can get 70% cheaper clothing wholesale without a minimum order. FashionTIY is an online marketplace that connects fashion wholesale vendors with retail buyers.

The clothing retail industry in South Africa has experienced positive growth in 2017 due to increased demand from the US and Europe. The country is also becoming a global fashion destination, and the South African clothing industry is faring better than the economy of the country. The nation is home to the second largest economy in Africa after Nigeria, and the clothing industry there is thriving with sophistication and good infrastructure. However, the business climate in the continent is still very challenging, and there are many opportunities for foreign investors to make a profit in the African clothing industry.

In Africa, wholesalers are usually limited companies and form a link between manufacturers and retailers. Online retailers can also sell the clothing through these sites, as most of them are limited liability companies. There are several online marketplaces that are dedicated to selling African clothing, including Amazon. This way, online retailers can sell their products to global customers without having to worry about sourcing quality products. You should consider partnering with a wholesaler in South Africa.

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