Essay Paragraphs Classification

There exist at least 7 different types of paragraphs. Understanding the difference between them can make your academic writing more successful and well-structured. The knowledge of essay paragraphs and essay functions will help you to make essays more coherent. Different types of paragraphs have several functions, and it is very important to know where to use them. 

Different Types of Paragraphs

Read the explanations concerning the style and content of different essay paragraphs.

  • Narration paragraphs. They are used in personal statements and fiction. You must keep chronology and order of events. The narration always includes the protagonist, setting, goal, obstacle, climax, and resolution. The action is prioritized over the description there.
  • Exposition paragraphs. They are strictly focused on objective language and evidence and are aimed at explaining phenomena or some problems. 
  • Definition paragraphs. Their main aim is to explain the origin, meaning, and function of things. They are peculiar to fiction and academic writing.
  • Classification paragraphs. Among different types of paragraphs, this one is probably the most complicated, as it requires subject classifying in a particular context. 
  • Description paragraphs. These paragraphs have to concentrate on action to keep an authoritative and objective tone. 
  • Process analysis paragraphs. Its aim is to guide readers through some action or process. The main requirement to it – should be written in chronological order. 
  • Persuasion paragraphs. They persuade readers to take a particular point of view or action. 

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